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DPDC Discussions: Hearing aids – Do you encourage or force your child to wear them?

Question: My child is four and she does not wear hearing aids at her mainstream school. They don’t seem to benefit her and she always takes them off. We don’t believe in forcing the aids on her though they are always available.  What does everyone do re hearing aids, do you encourage/force your child to wear them?

One parent says that their child didn’t want to wear hearings aids, but then one day when he/she was six, he/she one day out of the blue decided to wear them, and is now nine and has worn them everyday since and makes great use of them.

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DPDC Discussions: Learning to read in British Sign Language (BSL) and Sign Supported English (SSE)

Question: My child is now learning to read, we have always read books in BSL (British Sign Language), but we now use SSE (Sign Supported English) to teach words, it feels odd!  What does everyone do?

One parent said that they signed each line in SSE first and then signed in BSL to give context. As for example: ‘She looked after’ is signed word for word in SSE, but in BSL context is given when ‘looked after’ is signed to communicate ‘care’.

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DPDC Derby event workshop discussions to be published online

At the most recent Deaf Parents Deaf Children workshop in Derby, all the parents discussed and debated issues relating to being a parent of a deaf child.  All the parents present were invited to put forward a list of topics or questions that they wanted to discuss with the rest of the group.

Starting today we are publishing the discussions from the workshop individually on our website to allow the conversation to continue online. There are nine discussions, and they will be published over the next two weeks.

If you have further advice, questions, resources or information we would love it if you could share this with us in the comments section beneath the discussions. Thanks!

We are thankful to the following sponsors for making the Derby event possible! Communication IDZebra UnoLexicon Signstream, The Thorntons Derbyshire Fund and Derbyshire Community FoundationRolls RoyceCommunication PlusArboretum CaféClarion and  ASLI.

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