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DPDC Camping 2017 @ Wowo Campsite – Report!

This year’s camping took place at the at the beautiful and deaf-friendly, families only WOWO Campsite in Uckfield, East Sussex. There were a record 26 kids in total.

It’s a campsite entirely built around creating a special experience for families. DPDC had its own pitch reserved, with all tents circled around a big firepit, meaning we had our own private BSL space.

On Friday all the families set up their tents while the kids explored the wonderful campsite, which has its own woods, a pretty brook running through it and loads of opportunities for climbing, rope swinging and running around making for plenty of imaginary play! The roaring campfires every evening were a big treat for kids and parents alike.

On Saturday morning all the kids got together to celebrate a birthday and enjoyed ‘Sports Day’ themed games. After lunch, all the kids were enrolled in a 4-hour bushcraft workshop, where through a BSL interpreter they learnt survival skills such as how to find food, how to build a shelter, make a fire and find their way home! This was all made possible by a kind grant from the British Deaf Association. Thank you, BDA!

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Give me BSL: A list of where to learn and watch British Sign Language online!

BSL Alphabet

Here is a list curated by Deaf Parents Deaf Children showing you all the recommended places you can learn BSL, watch BSL stories and watch television programmes with BSL online.

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Against Captains Orders – A BSL interpreted theatre experience from Punchdrunk for Deaf people and their families


If you’ve never heard of Punchdrunk​ – They have pioneered a game changing form of immersive theatre in which roaming audiences experience epic storytelling inside sensory theatrical worlds. Blending classic texts, physical performance, award-winning design installation and unexpected sites, the company’s infectious format rejects the passive obedience usually expected of audiences.

Lilli and I went to ‘The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable’ last year and LOVED it as it was so visual and mesmerising, so on behalf of DPDC we have worked with the National Maritime Museum Greenwich to put on a BSL interpreted theatre experience of ‘Against Captain’s Orders’. If Punchdrunks past shows are anything to go buy you and your kids will love it! Please share this with your BSL friends, the deadline for priority tickets is July 1st, then the tickets are made public.


“Prepare to explore. You are the crew of HMS Adventure. Together we will set sail into the uncharted.”

Glan, Museum Curator

National Maritime Museum Greenwich and Punchdrunk Enrichment present an exciting new experience for 6-12 year olds and their families.

This is an adventure through the museum’s collection of maritime objects and their histories.

Get ready to experience history like never before as you and your family join the crew of HMS Adventure. Meet our fearless curators, put on a lifejacket, and step into the action. Anyone brave enough to get on board will not believe what will happen next.

Against Captain’s Orders is exciting and perhaps a tiny bit dangerous…

Performance dates and times: Tuesday 28 July 2015 at 12:00 & 17:10
Tickets: £19.75 per person
To enter this experience you must attend as a family group of adults and children (6-12 yrs).

To make a priority booking, please email the Bookings team by 1 July:

During the priority booking period up to Wednesday 1 July, tickets can be booked via e-mail only. Invoices will be sent for confirmed bookings. Payment of invoices needs to be completed by Wednesday 8 July. Tickets booked but not paid for by 8 July will be released for general sale.

After the priority booking period, tickets can be booked using the website booking system from Friday 3 July.

Please follow the link below for further important information about Against Captain’s Orders.


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Your VOTE is needed! Support Signature who’ve developed a GCSE in ‎BSL‬ to be part of the national curriculum!

Tens of thousands of people in the UK can’t get access in their own language to things most of us take for granted. They are deaf people whose only or main language is British Sign Language (BSL). Signature want to ensure more people, deaf and hearing, learn BSL. Signature have developed a GCSE in BSL to be part of the national curriculum. Teaching BSL in schools is not only essential for a more inclusive environment for deaf learners, it has also shown to have a powerful impact on literacy. Signature know there are young people who want to study it and schools that want to offer it but need help to get the message out to more people. Winning Pitch to Rich will mean Signature can do that. That means more people taking qualifications, more interpreters and deaf awareness. And, ultimately more people fully taking part in everything the UK has to offer. The learners of today will take their BSL skills with them when they become nurses, entrepreneurs, athletes, civil servants, politicians, teachers, volunteers…

Deaf people tend to achieve less in education than their hearing peers. Their employment prospects are not as good and it is harder from them to enjoy sport, film and theatre, due to communication issues. GCSEs are well recognised; a GCSE in BSL will be transformative in terms of recognition and understanding of the language, as well as the ability to use it. Signature is the only business developing this product and with 30 years’ experience of developing qualifications, and are well prepared to produce a GCSE fit for purpose. Signature have done the ground work and will enter the secondary education market for the first time. Signature started campaigning and gathering intelligence five years ago and have started to gather funding but need more.


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Give me BSL: How to watch signed programmes on BBC iPlayer

Did you know that there are on average 82 programmes available to watch NOW on BBC iPlayer which are signed?  This includes some of the CBeebies and CBBC favourites as well as the brilliant BBC wildlife/nature programmes, which the whole family can enjoy together.

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Reading & Dyslexia in Deaf Children – City University London Research Project

We are a team of researchers based at City University London and the University of Bedfordshire who are looking at reading and dyslexia in Year 6 deaf children. We have recently collected data on oral deaf children and now the next phase of the research is focusing on signing deaf children.

Many deaf children have reading difficulties however there are no reading tests designed specifically for deaf children. Our research will produce scores for deaf children in Year 6 on a number of deaf-friendly reading tests. This will hopefully be the first step in developing standardised reading tests for deaf children which teachers may use in the future to check the reading progress of deaf children in their class.

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BSL SDQ translating project

What does SDQ mean, what it is and why?

The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ), is a screening that asks questions about emotions and behaviour. It is filled in by parents, teachers and young people. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) use it to measure mental health problems when they first see young people and families, and use it again after treatment to see if the problems have improved. The SDQ has been translated into 60+ spoken languages, but not British Sign Language (BSL). The SDQ was created by Robert Goodman.

There are three different SDQs, one for parents, young people and teachers. Each of the SDQ questionnaires has been translated into BSL to enable the screening for each group. We would need to recruit to each one so we can validate the SDQ in BSL and to see if it is accessible for BSL user.

For the SDQ to work successfully, we require three different types of volunteers; parents, young people and teachers. One or more of these may be BSL users. These three volunteers will make up what is known as a ‘triad’.

The benefits from this research will support Deaf children and young people in the future making sure they get access to the right assessment tools in the language of their choice because Deaf children and young people are 2/3 times more likely than hearing people to have a mental health problem in their lives.

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National Deaf Children, Young People and Family Service – Translation of the SDQ into BSL

National Deaf Children, Young People and Family Service

Translation of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire into BSL

We need to recruit as many people as possible from all over England.

Do you or your child use BSL? If so, we need your help!

We’ve translated an assessment from English to BSL and we need you to check the BSL is correct! This research will help give young people and parents equal access to mental health services. Every young person will get a £10 voucher for their time!

Please contact  Kate Moore at  for more information.

Click here for more information.

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