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Report on the DPDC Halloween Event in Wolverhampton!

On the Saturday the 27th October Nikki Beech and her staff from Zebra worked very hard to produce a great success of our latest DPDC event, which was sponsored by both Zebra Uno and Remark! Community.

The children’s event was Halloween themed activity day at a lovely venue called Bantock House in Wolverhampton for all the 25 children who attended with the volunteers from Zebra Uno.  The children were greeted by tables with different activities such as making your own ghost puppet, face painting, sticky clay making, drawing scary faces and other ghostly activities.

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Tennis Coaching for Deaf Children in Surrey (ages 5-12)

deaf_parents_deaf_children_tennis_2012_ball work

Starting this month there are lots of tennis coaching sessions for deaf children (aged 5-12) in Reigate and Weybridge, Surrey!  The coaches are both deaf and hearing.

For  details of classes please see the poster below, for further information please email

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New direction for the NDCS Sign Up! Campaign

The National Deaf Children’s Society’s (NDCS) Sign Up! campaign is taking a new direction, they need your help.

Last autumn, lots of you wrote to your MP and signed the petition to gain fair access to British Sign Language (BSL) classes. Although MPs and Ministers recognised this as an important issue, little has yet been done about it.

NDCS is encouraging families who need to learn sign language to consider taking legal action against their local authority. We think that taking legal action will set a precedent, and will help many more families throughout the UK.

In order to take legal action, families will need to be eligible for legal aid. To claim legal aid, you must either receive income support or employment and support allowance or earn less than £2,657 and your assets are less than £8,000. Gaining legal aid will mean that taking legal action won’t cost you anything, even if your case is not successful.

If you are interested in this, or would like to find out more information, please contact the Campaigns Team by emailing or call 0207 014 1119.

If you know of someone who has had problems accessing sign language courses, please tell them to contact the campaigns team.

Find out more information about the Sign Up! campaign here.

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Tennis fun for BSL kids at the National Deaf Tennis Championships a great success

deaf_parents_deaf_children_tennis_2012_ball kids
On Sunday 6th May, twenty three deaf kids aged from two to nine years old assembled at the Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City for a fun tennis session. All the kids were coached by the Great Britain deaf tennis stars and coaching team, which they loved!

After two hours of fun and games, all the kids were presented with a special trophy from the British Deaf Tennis Association Chairwoman Fiona Brookes for their hard work!

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Early Intervention for Deaf Children (BSL & English Audio versions)

Early Intervention: The Missing Link videos are British Sign Language and English Audio adaptations of an ASLized video, done for an American audience. The video communicates research done by Rachel Benedict which highlights the confusing and overwhelming experience hearing parents of deaf children are experiencing at hospitals, and the implications of the negative and dangerous use of language, which in effect scares and overwhelms new hearing parents of deaf children.

This video conveys the message that there are deaf people who use sign language daily and see themselves as normal and not disabled. They do not feel that being deaf is something to be upset or worried about.

Rachel Benedict’s research demonstrates an alternative approach which needs to be practised by the Early Intervention team (audiologists, doctors and teachers for the deaf) at hospitals. Deaf role models do not come in the Early Intervention team, this paper discusses the alternative approach which will allow the parents to see having a deaf child in a positive light.

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Welcome to the new Deaf Parents Deaf Children website!

Deaf Parents Deaf Children is a group for deaf parents with deaf children all over the UK. We aim to show a positive view of deafness, to show what deaf people can achieve and to give deaf parents an equal voice in what happens to their deaf children.  It is also important that children’s rights to exist as deaf individuals are protected as they cannot yet represent or make decisions for themselves.  We also aim to inspire hearing parents of deaf children and support them on their journey!

There is no other organisation that specifically caters for deaf parents with deaf children in the UK, hence the need for this group.

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Enabling communication is vital in families of deaf children

Written by Charlie Swinbourne/, Sunday 15 January 2012 13.59 GMT

Families need to learn to sign for the sake of their deaf children – yet they are often denied the chance

Charlie Swinbourne’s daughter learns to sign Photograph: Charlie Swinbourne

In the last few weeks, a video of a deaf mother and her two year-old daughter Ava having a dinner conversation in British Sign Language (BSL) has gone viral. It has been tweeted, shared and blogged to the extent that the clip now has more than 150,000 views online. The video shows the level of understanding and communication that a child using sign language can reach when they have access to language from an early age.

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Family sign language video goes global

NDCS campaigner and proud Dad, Nick Beese, recently did some filming in support of NDCS’s Sign Up campaign to ensure all families have access to family sign language. Here’s an amazingly sweet clip featuring daughter Ava chatting with her Mum:

I’m not alone in loving this video; the video has gone viral on youtube and the last time I looked it has nearly 800,000 hits. When I looked this morning, it was around 400,000.

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