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Appeal for donations!

We are looking for financial support to enable our group to continue to grow and organise more events for deaf children of deaf parents. 

Deaf Parents Deaf Children (DPDC) is a group for deaf parents with deaf children from all over the UK.  We are a voluntarily run group with aspirations to become a registered charity and in turn, grow to support more parents and help influence policy makers in order to achieve the best life outcomes for all deaf children. Events organised by us allow deaf children from throughout the UK to meet other deaf children from similar deaf backgrounds and to use British Sign Language together as their natural language.

Deaf parents have limited access to resources and information about deaf children as the majority of today’s organisations and events are designed for hearing parents of deaf children. 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, so there is a desperate need for more events around the country for this minority group.  Workshops for deaf parents give them the opportunity to discuss issues relating to being a parent of a deaf child with other deaf parents.

Discussions at our workshops have always centred around the best interests of the deaf child – how best to educate a deaf child, schooling options, SEN statements and how to deal with audiologists, funding for interpreters for kids after-school clubs and parent evening meetings are all examples.  Any financial support you can give will allow us to organise and fund more workshops around the country to reach out and support more deaf children.

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