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A list of all the Deaf Parents Deaf Children workshop discussions.

At the most recent Deaf Parents Deaf Children workshop in Derby, all the parents discussed and debated issues relating to being a parent of a deaf child.  All the parents present were invited to put forward a list of topics or questions that they wanted to discuss with the rest of the group. We have listed all the discussions from the workshop to allow the conversation to continue online. If you have further advice, questions, resources or information we would love it if you could share this with us in the comments section beneath the discussions. Thanks!

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DPDC Discussions: SEN Statements and dealing with your Local Education Authority (LEA)

Question: A family explained that they were planning  to move south, they wanted to get the statement for their 3 ½ year old child agreed first before moving but it was turned down so they need to appeal.

The family explained that they want to send their child to a deaf school in borough ‘A’, but the house prices in borough ‘A’ are too expensive. Living in borough ‘A’ would ensure a straightforward process with the statement because the deaf school is in the same borough.

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DPDC Discussions: Secondary school options for your deaf child

Question: I have started thinking about Secondary Schools for my child, does anyone have any advice regarding statements, schools which would help me?

One parent said that they are considering Mary Hare, but are concerned that their LEA will turn them down, as they have done so in the past. One parent said that Mary Hare often pay the fees for one year for children whose LEA’s have refused to fund their place. In that year the school collects evidence to demonstrate to the LEA that the deaf child is better off at Mary Hare and needs to stay at the school.

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