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DPDC Discussion: Speech therapy – does your child have it at home or at school?

Question: What arrangements do you have for your child’s speech therapy if that is an option for you?  Does you child have speech therapy at home or at school?

Some children have their speech therapy at their deaf school or mainstream school. One parent reports that his/her child’s school has a ‘no hearing aid/CI = no speech therapy’ policy which needs to be challenged!

One parent organises speech therapy to take place after school hours at home via the council, as he/she does not want his/her child to miss any lessons, as it would be a disadvantage to the child.

Speech therapy is important even for BSL-using children, as it teaches the child important lip-reading skills.

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Welcome to the new Deaf Parents Deaf Children website!

Deaf Parents Deaf Children is a group for deaf parents with deaf children all over the UK. We aim to show a positive view of deafness, to show what deaf people can achieve and to give deaf parents an equal voice in what happens to their deaf children.  It is also important that children’s rights to exist as deaf individuals are protected as they cannot yet represent or make decisions for themselves.  We also aim to inspire hearing parents of deaf children and support them on their journey!

There is no other organisation that specifically caters for deaf parents with deaf children in the UK, hence the need for this group.

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Deaf Parents Deaf Children launch event


On Saturday the 11th December 2010 15 Deaf families from all over England came to Deaf Parents Deaf Children’s inaugural event, funded by Remark! Community, at Crash, Bang, Wallop in Walsall – and what a fantastic day it was!

All 32 children dashed off to the soft play zones with our four fabulous volunteers Marcella Stratton, Sarah Ainsworth, Indie Johal and Hattie Bowden looking after them.

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