Our Sponsors

Remark! Community have played an instrumental part in supporting Deaf Parents Deaf Children since its launch.  They kindly funded £150 to our inaugural meeting at Walsall in December 2010, and contributed  £900 towards our second meeting at the Nottingham weekend in September 2012. Remark also sponsored £850 to the DPDC event at Bantock House, Wolverhampton in October 2012!  Remark Community donated their web developer who sorted out the code for this website. They have also given us the use of their meeting room in the Remark headquarters in Farringdon for our regional meeting.  We are so lucky and proud to have the full support of Remark.

Zebra Uno sponsored £1000 towards the Deaf Parents Deaf Children event at Bantock House, Wolverhampton in October 2012.  They also organised the event and entertained the kids with Halloween themed activities and story telling! Zebra uno have also come back to support us again by sponsoring the DPDC event at Derby in October 2013!

  very generously donated £500 to fund the workshop at the Nottingham DPDC weekend in September 2011.

 kindly donated two interpreters to support the Mobile Creche from their Community Chest scheme for the Nottingham DPDC weekend. They have also supported this Gosling Sports Park kids deaf tennis sessions.  This year they are supporting the Derby DPDC event on October 5th!





Communication ID sponsored the DPDC Derby event in October 2013.





Lexicon Signstream sponsored the DPDC Derby event in October 2013.

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