Inspirational videos

Below is a collection of inspirational Sign Language videos which we have curated for your enjoyment.

From us to You
An inspirational short film made voluntarily by deaf freelance film maker Ted Evans presenting some deaf role models for young deaf people to see and be inspired by.
A must see for all deaf kids!

Deaf Not Dumb
The ‘Deaf Not Dumb’ video is an award winning creative video piece performed in a ‘rap-style’ using British Sign Language (BSL) that focuses on the key issues that matter most to the group. They cover issues relating to communication, learning to deal with Deaf people and how they want to be seen by wider society.
Their aim is to educate all people and declare that being Deaf does not mean they are dumb. The video is highly animated with graphical text that visualises the hand signs and acts as subtitles for hearing people. So the video is not squarely aimed at a Deaf audience but to everyone. This video acts as part of a campaign to promote and celebrate Deaf Culture.

Ava (5 years old) BSL Dinner Chat 
This video attempts to recapture an earlier conversation between our daughter Ava and her mum Lilli as we couldn’t believe Ava’s new-found knowledge resulting from a sleepover at her best friend’s (who has a much older sister incidentally…) house and we decided to film it.

Ava (24 months old) BSL Dinner Chat
This video of Lilli (DPDC Founder) and her 24 month old daughter Ava having what is a simple BSL dinner conversation, was uploaded onto YouTube to support the NDCS’ Sign Up Family Sign language Campaign. It very quickly went viral getting over 1 million views, and made the No1 spot in the YouTube Most Inspirational Video chart. The subtitles gave access to a wider audience, who perhaps did not realise that most deaf children whose first language is BSL have a very rich understanding of language.

Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ in ASL by Deaf Film Camp at CM7
This video is an ASL interpretation of Pharrell Williams’s “Happy.” An expression of music in ASL composed by Rosa Lee Timm and Azora Telford. The video was produced by a team of Deaf campers & staff from Deaf Film Camp 2014 at Camp Mark Seven.

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