Rachel Black: Weʼre raising £500 for Deaf Parents Deaf Children

Hello! My name is Rachel, I will do Great North Run which will take place on Sunday 8th September this year in Newcastle and raise money for DPDC.

DPDC – Deaf Parents Deaf Children is a voluntarily run group. They are aiming to help deaf parents with deaf children from all over UK to get together every year; such as going camping for a long weekend, full day outings, events and workshops etc.

Deaf parents have very limited access to resources and information as majority of today’s organisations and events are designed for hearing parents of deaf children as 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, so there is a desperate need for more DPDC events around the country. Their workshops give deaf parents the opportunity to discuss issues relating to being a parent of a deaf child with other deaf parents.

I realised they do not have as many events during the year as I would like and for the other deaf parent and deaf children too, to meet up as we all from all over UK.

My aim is to raise as much money to help DPDC so can organise more trips/camping weekends and workshops for parents to have discussions relating to being deaf parents of deaf child/children.

I am deaf parent of a deaf child, so it is close to my heart as it is to every deaf parent.

I will really appreciate if you donate whatever you can big or small, it will make every deaf parent and deaf child’s days to allow them to plan more events, workshops and to reach out and support more deaf parents and deaf children all over UK.