DPDC will focus on two campaigns this year. One is to make sure all CSWs and interpreters have Level 6 while supporting deaf children in schools. The other campaign is to improve the process parents go through when they find out their baby is deaf.  Watch this space for more information!

Meanwhile, here are two campaigns that the NDCS are spearheading, Please show your support for the vital campaigns – we need you to make this happen!


The NDCS Sign Up Campaign

Language and communication skills are at the heart of deaf children’s development and, providing families get the right support, deaf children can learn to communicate as well as other children. Some 90 % of deaf children are born to hearing parents, mostly, with no previous understanding of deafness. Despite this, parents across the UK are being forced to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds, just to learn to communicate with their deaf child.

Parents who want to use sign language to communicate with their child must be given the help to do so. NDCS and parents are urging the Government to make family sign language courses available for any families of deaf children who want to learn sign language.

Get behind in the NDCS Sign Up Campaign


The NDCS Save Services for Deaf Children

Too many deaf children and their families have their hands up for help. NDCS and parents of deaf children are campaigning to save services for deaf children and make sure every deaf child has a fair chance to achieve.

Get behind the Save Services for Deaf Children Campaign

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