Another amazing day at Bowood House!

On Saturday 11th of July Deaf Parents Deaf Children returned to Bowood for the third time, and what a fantastic day it was! Hidden in the rolling hills of Wiltshire, the Bowood estate boasts one of the best adventure playgrounds in the country. A life-size pirate ship complete with rigging and a crows nest as well as a ‘space dive’ which featured giant slides aptly called the ‘slide of death’, chutes, trampolines and high-level rope walks. The kids were let loose while the parents caught up on the latest news and got acquainted with new friends.  Once everyone arrived and settled into the fantastic surroundings, all the parents and kids gathered into one big circle and introduced themselves to each other.

After lunch we all had a big game of toilet tag, followed by rounders outside Bowood house. We then all went for a lovely walk by the glorious lake and visited the caves, which were quite spooky – needless to say the kids loved walking into pitch darkness! We all came out to a view of a beautiful waterfall.  This year all the kids bravely paddled out into the stream and climbed the rocks next to the waterfall.

It was a lovely day to see the children making new friends and playing with each other so effortlessly, and for the parents to get together and chat knowing that they had so many things in common to talk about.

Thank you to all the families families who came along, especially those families who came from afar.

Thanks to Gilson Sly for sending in his photos! Photos belong to DPDC please do not copy or use without our permission. Please email if you want a photo removed.

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