DPDC Discussions: Should my child learn Langue des Signes Française (LSF) as well as French at school?

Question: My four year old has started French lessons at school. She is taught French via BSL. Should we ask our child’s interpreter to learn some LSF (Langue des Signes Française) and to teach some French Sign Language as well?

Everyone had different views about this. Some parents thought it would be great to learn some LSF, but all agree it would be a big ask for the interpreter or TA to learn LSF from scratch!

One parent made a point that learning French signs online or from a book and teaching them with words is the equivalent of teaching the French equivalent of SSE.

One parent made point that the deaf child would be learning two languages at the same time, while their hearing peers would just be learning one!

One parent asks is it necessary to learn LSF? Deaf people communicate via International Sign (IS) anyway?

Several thought it was best that the deaf child used BSL as a solid base for learning French. However, learning a few basic LSF signs would make it fun!

Free English to Langue des Signes Française (and other national languages) Online Translator: http://www.spreadthesign.com/gb/

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