The right of the deaf child to grow up bilingual – SLFirst Magazine

The SLFirst Deaf Magazine​ has this week covered the work of Francois Grosjean on the right of the deaf child to grow up bilingual. This is an article that should be made mandatory reading for all and especially new parents of deaf children, audiologists and anyone in power. More needs to be done to provide sign language training for new parents, carers and families of deaf babies.

An extract from the article “What is the role of sign language? Sign language must be the first language (or one of the first two languages) acquired by children who have a severe hearing loss. It is a natural, full-fledged language that ensures full and complete communication. Unlike an oral language, it allows the young deaf child and his/her parents to communicate early, and fully, on the condition that they acquire it quickly. Sign language will play an important role in the deaf child’s cognitive and social development and it will help him/her acquire knowledge about the world.”

Full article here: SL First Deaf Magazine

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