Welcome to the new Deaf Parents Deaf Children website!

Deaf Parents Deaf Children is a group for deaf parents with deaf children all over the UK. We aim to show a positive view of deafness, to show what deaf people can achieve and to give deaf parents an equal voice in what happens to their deaf children.  It is also important that children’s rights to exist as deaf individuals are protected as they cannot yet represent or make decisions for themselves.  We also aim to inspire hearing parents of deaf children and support them on their journey!

There is no other organisation that specifically caters for deaf parents with deaf children in the UK, hence the need for this group.

Events organised by DPDC allow deaf children from throughout the UK to meet other deaf children from similar backgrounds and to use British Sign Language together as their natural language. DPDC have so far organised three events, three workshops and have many more events planned, all of which will be put on the website.

We hope you like our new website! If you have any feedback about our new website, or want to find out how to support us then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. We can be reached at: hello@deafparentsdeafchildren.co.uk

You can follow us on Twitter at @DeafPDeafC.

We’re also on Facebook, visit our Page where you can follow all DPDC News, just make sure you hit ‘Like’.  Join our Facebook Group if you are a deaf parent of a deaf child and want to discuss anything DPDC related with other deaf parents of deaf children.

Are you a deaf parent of a deaf child and you want to join our group? It’s free, you just need to fill in this membership form.

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