DPDC Fun day out at Bowood House this Saturday

We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday!  The DPDC meeting point is at the back of the adventure playground (Same place as before!), once you arrive at the adventure playground, just walk to the other side – you won’t miss us!  Join us from 11am onwards.

The plan is to stay by the adventure playground from 11-3pm and then do the ‘Lake walk’ around the beautiful Bowood House gardens and pay the spooky caves and stunning hidden waterfall a visit!  At the end of the day if we have any energy left we will have a big game of rounders in front of Bowood House by the lake.

We recommend that you bring packed lunches so everyone can eat together in the DPDC space by the adventure playground. There are cafes on site though not near the playground and the foods rather pricey.  Also… bring your umbrellas and rain coats as unfortunately BBC Weather tells us it’s going to rain!

Bowood House opens at 11am and closes at 6pm.

Address: Bowood House and Gardens, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 0LZ.
Bowood Website: http://www.bowood.org/bowood-house/adventure-playground-and-soft-play-palace/
DPDC visit Bowood in 2011: http://deafparentsdeafchildren.co.uk/bowood-house-day-out/

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